Monday, July 17, 2017

List of Selected Candidates in UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2017 for the Post of Assistant Engineer(Trainee) ELECTRICAL

CUT OFF Marks for UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2017 of Selected Candidate ( Written+Interview)

AE(T)Electrical 2017

Unreserved  - 154.92  ( Written+Interview)   
OBC             -  146.42 ( Written+Interview)   
SC               -  129.25 ( Written + Interview)  

ST               -  106.67   ( Written+Interview)  

Link for Final Result AE(T) UPPCL 2017 Electrical

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Waiting is over!!! AE(T) Interview scheduled

Dear Aspirants,,,

Long awaited interview of AE(T) exam Electrical/Electronics & Telecommunication branch has been finally scheduled. After many twists and turns UPPCL Recruitment is on tracks again. Those who qualified for interview after giving CBT- Computer based test for AE(T) exam held earlier may download their Interview Call letter for UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2016-17 from the following link-

The Interview

  • Those getting a good score in CBT needs not much worry about interview as 85% weightage may be given to their written(CBT) marks & for rest 15%  give the interview for which call letters are now available on UPPCL's official website.
  • In the interview panel one or two technical academician or professor will be there from electrical/electronics background who may ask for your area of interest & mostly technical questions they will ask from your area of interest. 
  • After technical round , UPPCL higher official may be present who can ask practical questions of Power Sector . I advise aspirants to read our country's power scenario as well as energy sector in Uttar Pradesh. 
  • Officials of UPPCL will also check your body language, eye contact, confidence level and your attitude. So be attentive and confident in your answers. Accept if you dont know the answer. Nobody knows 100% or upto their level. 
  • Just give you best and to the point answers. Electrical engineering is full of practical examples so be prepared to face such questions like for example : Power Electronics in Households ? Fan ? LED ? Anything that you see can be asked. 
  • Just be prepared and importantly be confident in whatever you know. My best wishes for you all....

Important Note About UPPCL Upcomming Vacancies

Many queries come to me regarding the upcoming vacancies in UPPCL for AE(T) Exam. I know many of you are preparing hard for the exam like this. The vacancy in any state government based department depends upon how actively Chief Minister Office approves the vacancies as demanded by state govt based departments. 

  • So as of current scenario in Uttar Pradesh , vacancies will definitely come sooner or later . Now many will ask how long ? See guys interviews were postponed for few months back but the process has again restarted in 3-4 months. But as of today aspirants need to be dynamic and not dependent and stuck on one such exam. Prepare your best and give all such exams with hard work and determination. Learn about your weakness and work on them sincerely. Success will definitely be yours one day.   

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Aspiring Assistant Engineers at UPPCL

Dear Aspiring Candidates,

I am writing this one as a vote of thanks from the admin and team of UPPCL Helpdesk. Thanks all for reading my blog and I look forward to publish more and more content to help candidates get successful in AE level exams. 
Today UPPCL exams have become more competitive due to increased registrations from all over India. Because of this cut off's increases even in a very difficult paper. 

And this time interviews or exam got delayed but the higher authorities will definitely make it clear soon.  

GATE-2017 was also over!!! Some of you might have made it under 100, some under 1000, some under 5000 and for some it might be a bad one. For those having good ranks I wish them a bright future ahead and for those who are in the fight (those getting rank in thousands) It is a struggling remark you've got. Bounce back and this time with double your strength. You should work on the weak parts and strike again.

For those who are not qualified, Its a wake up call. You have to give your best again. Don't underestimate yourself from your failure. Have the courage, build a passion for GATE, plough it daily, sharpen your axe and just make it happen. Everybody has a potential to crack gate. Just believe in yourself. Some keywords to help you guys Passion! Patience! Practice! Discipline! Regularity! Sincerity! Confidence! 

My All the Very Best to you.


Sunday, October 2, 2016


Dear Aspirants,

UPPCL is soon going to release advertisment for the post of Assistant Engineer Trainee foe Electrical/Electronics/Computer Science/Civil candidates.

Vacancies for UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2016 

AE(Trainee) - Electrical Engineering -               161
AE(Trainee) - Computer Science Engineering -  48
AE(Trainee) - Electronics Engineering -             55
AE(Trainee) - Civil Engineering -                       06

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

List of Selected Candidates in UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2016 for the Post of Assistant Engineer(Trainee)

CUT OFF Marks for UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2016 of Selected Candidate ( Written+Interview)


Unreserved  - 149.50  ( Written+Interview)           120.75 (final written result)       
OBC             -  139.00 ( Written+Interview)            110.00 (final written result)        
SC               -  124.00 ( Written + Interview)           93.25   (final writtenresult)       
ST               -  100.33   ( Written+Interview)             63.75    (final written result) 
Physically Handicapped-60.17( Written+Interview)      

Link for Final Result AE(T) UPPCL 2016 Electrical

CUT OFF Marks for UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2016 of Selected Candidate ( Written+Interview)

AE(T)Computer Science

Unreserved  - 167.92  ( Written+Interview) 
OBC             -  163.58 ( Written+Interview) 
SC               -  150.67 ( Written + Interview) 

Link for Final Result AE(T) UPPCL 2016 Computer Science

CUT OFF Marks for UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2016 of Selected Candidate ( Written+Interview)


Unreserved  - 162.42  ( Written+Interview) 
OBC             -  160.00 ( Written+Interview) 

SC               -  150.83 ( Written + Interview) 

Link for Final Result AE(T) UPPCL 2016 Electronics

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Final Result of UPPCL CBT for AE(T) 2016 after correction

Today UPPCL has announced Final Result of UPPCL AE(T) written exam whose earlier result was cancelled due to wrong/incorrect evaluation of CBT. 


Unreserved  -  120.75 (final result)       (earlier  113.00)
OBC             -  110.00 (final result)        (earlier  101.75)
SC               -   93.25   (final result)        (earlier  84.75)
ST               -   63.75    (final result)       (earlier  57.50)


Unreserved  -  139.00 (final result)       (earlier  127.00)
OBC             -  134.25 (final result)        (earlier  120.25)
SC               -   121.75 (final result)        (earlier  108.25)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Twist in the Game!!! CBT Results Cancelled


UPPCL has cancelled CBT results which were declared on 22-06-2016 by stating technical fault and fresh list to be uploaded soon on their website as seen in newspapers today.
It may be due to the wrong evaluation done and there was no clear conensus on whether the modified keys were used or not .

Result for CBT Cancelled for Electrical, CS and ECE branches...

Fingers Crossed Again!!! Lets hope for fresh evaluation ...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Interview Guidelines Updated -Click

Result of Written Exam of UPPCL AE(T) 2016 is declared on 22-06-2016

Cut Off Marks in Written Exam for Interview

UPPCL AE Electrical 2016
Unreserved  -113.00
OBC             - 101.75
SC               - 84.75
ST               -  57.50

UPPCL AE Electronics & Comm.2016
Unreserved  -127.00
OBC             - 120.25
SC               -  108.25

UPPCL AE Computer Science 2016
Unreserved  -139.00
OBC             - 133.25
SC               -  115.25

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The first stage exam i.e. written exam for the post of Assistant Engineer(Trainee) at UPPCL has been successfully conducted in various cities of Uttar Pradesh. Recalling the AE(T) advt.-

Candidates who obtain less than 33% marks will be rejected for further process of selection. Depending upon the no. of candidates the maximum no. of candidates to be shortlisted for interview process will be 2 to 3 times the no.of vacancies.


UPPCL AE(T) Electrical Exam 2016 - 

  • The exam was too lengthy and much calculative.
  • The level of exam is difficult than 2013 & 2015 exam
  • The exam contained more no. of numerical questions rather than conceptual questions.
  • The Cut Off marks for UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2016 might be down this year due to a higher paper level.

Meanwhile guys you can discuss the questions and answers in the comments below...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tips to remember for UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2016 on 18th May

Many of the candidates seems to be excited for the CBT(Computer Based Test) i.e. for the written examination part for getting Assistant Engineer post at UPPCL. Folks It may be helpful to look into following tips for your boosting your preparation -

  • Focus on revising what you have learnt previously. Practice more and more number of objective questions and do not forget to practice IES previous year questions as the questions of IES comes regularly in every competitive examinations these days and you can see 50-60% questions of IES in PSU exams. 
  • Do not waste much time in doing big new theories and focus on theoretical part . As the exam is of objective type, Make sure you have done enough questions for the given subjects.
  • Revise each and everything so that you should be confident in solving majority of questions in exam. Remember cut off of last selected candidate is around 55-60% for these type of PSU exams having around 100 no. of vacancies.
  • Also take some amount of time in aptitude , GS and hindi part. Those who are not having speed in aptitude should learn the tricks for solving general aptitude questions so that their time is saved in the exam for solving those technical questions which needs just some extra time.
  • As the exam is having negative marking of 0.25 so you may not fear much by this negative marking. Seen many of the students attempt less number of questions once they see there is a negative marking. 1/4 negative marking is not a fearful one. You should understand this logic that attempting less questions may not lead you to cut off if you are not damn sure of accuracy in the questions you attempted i.e. If you want to come out of examination hall with 110 questions attempted may lead you into trouble because you may not be sure of accuracy but cut offs are sharp!!! So it is advisable for students to take calculated risks in these exams.
  • Calculated risks does not means you just add 10 more questions to your basket saying abracadabra! It means add those 10 questions first in which chances are 50-50 and it also means giving no blind guesses i.e. do not attempt if you are not sure.
  • Elimination method is very useful in these exams which means you should eliminate options and get the correct answer by eliminating all the wring ones. It may also help you in taking calculated risk.

Keep following for more on the AE Exam...

Monday, May 2, 2016

UPPCL AE(T) 2016 Admit Card Download

Candidates can download their admit card from the link given below by logging in using their application number and date of birth. The exam is scheduled on 18th May 2016.




Dear candidate try link



Hi folks finally the wait for UPPCL AE EXAM 2016 is over...

Assistant Engineer UPPCL Computer Based Test (CBT) scheduled on 18 MAY 2016 

Admit Card availability of  Assistant Engineer in UPPCL after 10 AM on 3/05/2016

Click here for UPPCL AE(T) 2016 Admit Card (from 10am on 03-05-2016)

Stay tuned for updates..You can ask your doubts in comments...

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Expected Exam Date UPPCL 2016 AE (T) Exam Electrical/Electronics/Computer Science 

Getting more number of queries regarding the date of UPPCL AE EXAM 2016 Exam date for Electrical/ Electronics & Communication/ Computer Science branch candidates. Well 

UPPCL AE EXAM EXPECTED DATE : June ( First week - Last week anytime )


Electrical guys serious of giving UPPCL 2016 exam must know the following important points -

  • Don't leave GS part. Do prepare it strongly. Start hitting the important topics like National Parks, Diseases, Current affairs, Environment, Lok Sabha etc. Keep an eagle eye on the best GS topics. In the competition every question is important 
  • Have a look on Vilom Shabd (Antonyms) , Paryayvachi Shabd ( Synonyms ) for Hindi preparation.
  • Also don't forget reasoning & aptitude part. Invest your time to practice general reasoning questions like work/time/speed/maths etc. You may be missing some important Reasoning concept , So better to prepare now from books like RS Agarwal.
  • Keep practicing technical questions & also prepare IES/GATE previous year questions. Almost 50-60% questions concept is from IES/GATE previous years questions. 
  • Don't bother about Cut Off for UPPCL 2016 Exam as Cut Off depends on Paper Level every year & may vary from last year. So just keep on track for maximum marks & do not make preconceived judgments for this exam. Still those interested in approximate figures may note the expected cut off's of UPPCL AE 2016 exam may lie between 115-125 for interview call. Please note that this is just a approximation as the actual cut offs may vary every year as I said earlier. 
  • Practice as many objective questions as possible from question banks and also from following -
  • Do prepare objective questions given at back in book Electrical Machines by P.S.Bhimra
  • Do prepare objective questions given at back in book Power Electronics by P.S. Bhimra
  • Do prepare objective questions from Schaum Series books on Power systems, Signal & systems, Control systems etc.
  • Do prepare ALL IES/GATE previous year questions.

Without proper revision your whole study will be useless. Our mind starts forgetting things after a week & things vanishes in a month without revision. So its better to do revision than to add more new things to memory. Revision should be done in such a way that your topics become rock strong and you are not gonna forget the part you know in the exam. Candidates should do a quick revision before learning new topics. Keep sharpening your axe by doing proper revision. 

"Revision is the best way to enhance preparation"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Preparation along with Job Is it possible or not?

Many of the guys in IT sector or working in some MNC or private company or having an appointment letter in these have a dilemma of taking drop or going on Job & having a question whether preparation along with job is possible or not ? The answer is yes if you see the many successful job goers. But please don’t be judgmental by just seeing someone in your company or some senior or friend or colleague doing this thing. She/he may be extraordinary enough to have full concentration while on job and you might not have that much of capability. As everybody is having different attitude towards managing work-study balance, Preparation along with Job is possible keeping in mind the following-


For those going office on Mon-Fri, Studying on Sat-Sun, It might sound easy but its really very hard. Imagine its like working 24*7 . A private job may brings a mental stress. But those serious enough are leaving work in office & study in home. There is no perfect formula for maintaining Work-Study balance but some wise ones even found a way out to study in office also – like in library, during long lunch, surfing Wikipedia, GS preparation etc in office time. Work should be given the priority in such a way that staff doesn’t know that you are having something different in mind during office hours. Just balance the work in office. Do not sound and behave extraordinary there.Stay like a duck looking silent from above but keep paddling hard beneath. Just keep track of your concentration level. Means just do not involve in disturbing activities, Avoid parties in office, meanwhile trade off that extra time to sharpen your axe. Fill your pot drop by drop .Though Study needs full concentration but there are some subjects that do not always needs much concentration like Maths /GS, So try to finish these subjects in office time. The vision should be clear that before the exam you have to finish all your subjects & plan your time accordingly.


This is for office goers as well as for full timers. Now a days the competition is not just hard work .Today you can never achieve success without doing smart hard work which is explained below-
·         Understanding the syllabus of the competition thoroughly and suppose there are 10 subjects. As of now you cannot just prepare 8/10 subjects thoroughly & leave 2 subjects, who knows mostly questions come from those two subjects.
·         Thus Smart work includes the principal of fragmentation of subjects which means you will prepare all 10 Subjects but going to divide each subject into small fragments or sub topics & preparing 80-90% of these fragments. Like for example each subject having 50 major topics or fragments . So in 10 subjects there are 500 topics, So overall you can leave 50 fragments & though you left 50 from mixed subjects still you can prepare 90% overall.

Fragments of each subject
Total Fragments
You Prepared
You Left
% Preparation
450 Fragm.
50 Fragm
90%(with fragm)
8 Subjects
80%(w/o fragm)

·         Doing the part generally left by others i.e GS/Aptitude/Reasoning/English. Though these may look tough initially but these are the most easy ones when you prepare them. They are like scoring subjects once you have a grip on them. 
    Staying with those who will bother you for anything but work will not be helpful if you want to snatch time in your journey. Try to get into a solo room or look for someone who is also preparing for exams like you do. The working candidates will not much understand your ambition & definitely going to divert your attention & waste your precious time.

    Never feel shy to ask for CL/SL/EL (leaves) strategically before some important exam. Leaves are your fundamental rights in any organisation. Some of the fellows might argue that their bosses or managers are very strict, well in that case nobody is going to make a sick person work no matter what. Try the craziest sickness ever like some internal problem. Take leaves & the important thing is to utilize the leave for what it is taken. It may be very precious thing for you at that time. Use your mind & get fueled for the comming exam.

     Those preparing & having a DO or DIE situation should go into hibernation from social media till you succeed in the exam. This is just to keep yourself away from giving away necessary time & to keep your office mates away from you. More means of communication, more will be the disturbance of WORK-STUDY stability. If you are having a removable battery phone, do not hesitate to remove your battery remove your SIM card & let your office mates or bosses hear a NOT REACHABLE tone if they ever tried to call you after office hours. This is a very nice trick to avoid office office things during your precious time.

     Try to act bogus and a hell slower during office. Nobody will give you the crucial work then. However use high efficiency mode during studies. 

      In the end remember
    Whatever We Can Think Our Mind Can Achieve !!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Continuing Private Job or A Drop : A Big Dilemma after B.Tech

Many of the candidates after doing their B.Tech are unable to decide whether to continue his/her job in a private company or quitting and trying for government sector exams or pursuing higher degree like M.Tech. Here are some practical guidelines for them.
Taking drop is not an easy process. There are various things which come in mind while deciding this & following are the points that stop a candidate from taking risk and trying:

1. Lack of self confidence to crack cutting edge competition.
2. Many fear a loss of job as a higher risk and would be jobless if they fail.
3. Fear of losing bond money.
4. Less no. of vacancies in government sector might be an issue in some branches.
5. Unavailability of a good coaching center.
6. Peer pressure from parents to always keep their son/daughter labeled as employed. 

One by one let’s check out the above mentioned points-

1. Lack of self confidence to crack cutting edge competition.

This generally happens with most of the candidates. If a candidate is having a high self confidence he would knew that A Big ship is always safe at the shore , but that is NOT what it is built for. Taking calculated risk is a very first step in deciding to prepare and getting your dream job. The students should understand that by devoting themselves towards study , proper dedication along with sincere efforts will definitely lead them to success . Furthermore those who still are thinking negatively should use the following self evaluation technique-
Self Evaluation to decide-
  • Candidates having 1000-5000 rank in GATE exam are definitely having enough potential to cross any PSU exam or GATE exam by just taking a substantial risk & giving serious efforts. Many such students achieve success within 6 months.
  • Candidates having 5000-15000 rank in GATE exam are having moderate potential and needs prolong serious preparation to achieve success. Such students may take a year long preparation. Risk factor is also moderate.
  •  Candidates not qualifying GATE exam needs to think twice as the exam checks your aptitude(Marks of General Aptitude & Maths are enough for qualifying)  and you are seriously struggling somewhere. It is not to discourage anybody here as Many success stories comes from this category of students also. Again these fellows needs “Strongest dedication of their life” as their risk factor is somewhat high.

Self evaluation using GATE is not needed in case one decides to do hard work sincerely. Doing self evaluation without GATE , a candidate should study the paper She/he wants to crack -
  • Check whether by seeing exam questions you get a gut feeling of doing them with some practice that is you are ok with the level of questions in the exam
  • Check the syllabus whether you are having trouble in most of the subjects or its just some of them which are weak.
  • Check whether you are still into solving easy problems. If you are not gone far across in job you should definitely be able to cope up with your new target.

2. Many fear a loss of job as a higher risk and would be jobless if they fail.

Again the people who are just having their appointment letter from some MNC or IT sector or are currently working as executive in these companies needs to evaluate themselves, whether they look forward in making a career in pvt sector or they want to go in the public sector. Many of candidates are struck in this & soon the time flies. So seek the below points for quick action-
  • Check whether the profile suits you or not You can also check the profile senior to yours suits you or not? (because in some time you will also be promoted to the next level) This issue may be serious for those who get Group B or below government posts
  • Check whether the compensation package given to you currently is matching with the sector you want or not? You can also check the compensation you will get after a year or two because this much time may be elapsed from your preparation till your joining?
  • Some homely ones can also check for location because in govt sector location is not in your hands.
  • Check whether the joining can be delayed by some time or not ? If the company can give you yearlong leave without pay than it’s the best strategy to snatch time & get to study.

3.Fear of losing bond money :

  • Remember the simple trick, Don’t just resign, Let them expel you. Means if you resign on your own they can ask you and send you summon for bond money rather if they expel you when you are continuously ill & want to work (though not truly work but act to) but cannot join due to medical urgency & here is the trick , Soon they will fire you from themselves without paying off any bond money.
  • Remember the fact that in India Bonded labor is not allowed, Employer can never keep your original marksheets and degrees ( for which law is very strict that the director of such company who keeps the marksheets as bond can be jailed ) So don’t fear if your marksheets are there.
  • In case they force you to resign, start collecting the things they have shared with you in your joining letter like if they told you during recruitment that they have sat-sun off however they make you work on sat sun then you can quote that the company is not following the conditions told to me during recruitment process. Collect as many such points as possible.
  • The bond money or service agreement they make is that they require the expense they have incurred in your training.
  • Practically just let it not be a fearful situation because some organizations are helpful too and can have full n final settlement without taking bond money alsoThis happens in organizations where might be On Job Training is there (Means not much amount spent on your training).

4. Less no. of vacancies in government sector might be an issue in some branches.

Yes the branches like Computer Science Engineering / Information Technology and Electronics might have less no. of seats in competitive exams as compared to all other branches. So accordingly the competition is very high for the exams having a few seats. This can be seen in exams like IES where cut off of electronics branch is the marks of topper in electrical branch!!!  So the question arises on how to decide on this factor?
·         As seats are less the risk of not getting selected increases & one should not be quick in deciding to drop rather he/she should take wise decision by using Self evaluation technique discussed above.

5. Unavailability of a good coaching center.

Those who really tried hard with themselves and now they want coaching classes & cannot do without them should keep in mind that many students cross exams without any coaching classes. But many will argue with the fact that now as the competition is increasing, So the coaching is very necessary? Well in that case the coaching is also not a primary school as they cannot provide you from the basics, They just polish your concepts. Even by joining a good coaching does not mean that you needn’t work hard. Even than you need to study yourself. The serious candidates should not mainly depend on coaching institutes.

6. Peer pressure from parents to always keep their son/daughter labeled as employed.

The parents in our country take a pressure from the society to keep their children working & not sitting idle (taking drop) & they exert the same to them. Well in this regards make your parents believe you by giving them the examples of successful people, your career choice and your passion towards the goal you want to achieve. Definitely they will believe in you than the society. Those who go against their parents should make this as the most important reason to work hard and be successful. 

All  d best !!!